Hi! I’m Laurenda, better known as Ren.

I am a 30 something real food enthusiast, wedding photographer, adorer of avocados, part time model, loving wife, and Mama to two beautiful boys, Sawyer & Sutton. I live in the mitten state, and life is good!

Food Philosophy

I grew up in a health conscious home, and this environment paved the way for a very health conscious child and young adult. My attitude towards food has definitely evolved over the years and continues to do so as I learn and listen to my body. For example, I used to believe drinking diet soda was unharmful and OK to consume because it was calorie free, and that avoiding the egg yolk would be better for my heart health. Now I avoid diet sodas at all costs and ALWAYS eat the yolk! We need to be open minded with our health, and not always trust conventional wisdom.

I don’t follow a specific “diet” or put a label on how I eat - it’s simply my lifestyle, and I eat what makes me feel best which happens to be real, clean food!  Lean proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables fill my plate. I try to buy local and organic when possible, and purchase meat without antibiotics and hormones. Over the last 5 years I have completely phased out fast food, soda, and artificial sweeteners from my diet. Only a small portion of what I eat comes from a package or box (example: quinoa, oatmeal, nuts, seeds). I don’t consume many grains, dairy, or red meat – but they’ll grace my plate on occasion (usually when my husband does the cooking). Speaking of my husband, he is quite the culinary master. I know he’d disagree with that statement, but our family and friends can attest to his delicious kitchen creations. He, however, is not as health conscious as I am - but has definitely come leaps and bounds since meeting me. On the other hand, he keeps me from eating spinach for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - because I probably would in some form! It's all about balance, and making sure you FEEL good inside and out. We are both experimental, and I’ll use this blog as an avenue to share what we’ve been crafting.

Thank you very much for dropping by my site! I am so grateful our paths crossed.

I would LOVE to hear from you whether it's a comment, question, or even just a hello. xoxo