My Lifestyle & Fitness Photoshoot

I recently had the opportunity to shoot with one of my favorite Michigan photographers, Brent Taylor. We traveled to a gorgeous Lakeshore mansion which made for the perfect lifestyle, fitness, and swimwear backdrop. Brent and I have worked together on many occasions, and our shoots are always a blast. Check him out on Facebook if you're in the area and want some beautiful photographs. I'll admit, squeezing into a sports bra, spandex pants, and a bikini, and posing for the camera was not something I expected to be doing 8 months after a baby.

As a female, showing that much skin in general can be intimidating, but throw in a pregnancy, delivery, 8 months of nursing, and countless sleepless nights, and it's a whole new monster!

Despite the pregnancy, I've always been fairly confident with my body, and honestly I'm even more loving of it now that it's produced such a beautiful baby. Women are truly amazing! My body has definitely changed, but I've worked hard to stay toned and healthy, and I'm proud of my new curves.

So without further ado...

Photographer | Brent Taylor
Hair & Make-Up | Me
Location | Spring Lake, Michigan